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ACE Gamebooks Roleplay publishes rules-lite roleplaying games that are suitable both for beginners and established gaming groups. Many have been developed from Jonathan Green's ACE Gamebooks

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Roleplaying in the World of
beowulf beastslayer

Written by Jonathan Green
Illustrated by Olajide Ajayi, Milivoj Ćeran, Kev Crossley, Rian Magee, Heraldo Mussolini, Russ Nicholson, Joshua Somerville-Jacklin and Katie Wakelin

First published by ACE Gamebooks Roleplay in 2023

"Fierce in battle, King Hrothgar, the Joy of the Danes, brought home more treasure from his conquests than any ring-giver before him. And he decreed that a mead-hall should be raised, the like of which had never been seen under heaven, and named it Heorot."

The world of Beowulf Beastslayer is the mythic world of the Viking legends, the Icelandic sagas, and the Anglo-Saxon epics. It is a world in which heroes battle monsters, great firedrakes slumber in ancient barrows, and raiders come from across the sea to despoil and conquer. Giants are real, magic is real, and those blessed by the gods are able to perform superhuman feats of strength and agility.

Heorot is a rules-lite RPG for 2-7 Players, inspired by the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf, Viking legends, Norse mythology, and the Icelandic sagas. Players take on the role of noble heroes and their brave companions, who are guided through their adventure by the Skald.

There are three different ways to enjoy the game, but all involve an element of storytelling, for it is through telling tall tales of their heroic deeds that players increase their Wyrd, which in turn gives them the ability to perform heroic feats during their adventures that would otherwise be beyond the capabilities of mortal men.

Designed to be picked up and played with minimal preparation, nonetheless Heorot includes a well-developed character creation system, as well as rules for combat, and a random adventure generator. It is ideal for both an established gaming group and as a way of introducing new players to the fantastical world of roleplaying games.

Gather your warband, raise the sail of your longship, and set forth for Heorot and the epic adventure of a lifetime!

Resources: Heorot AppendixHeorot Spotify Playlist.

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